Updated WHS information on family and domestic violence at work

Safe Work Australia has recently revised the “Family and Domestic Violence at Work” information sheet, incorporating changes relating to entitlements to paid family and domestic violence leave, as outlined by alterations to the Fair Work Act 2009. As Australian Work Health and Safety Officers, we have a critical role in managing the multifaceted risk of family and domestic violence within workplace settings – a responsibility that requires considerable delicacy and respect.

When the instigator threatens, intimidates, or subjects a partner or family member to violence within their place of work (including home working scenarios), it becomes an issue we confront under Work Health and Safety (WHS). Critical tools for mitigating these risks include tailored WHS management systems, such as the ‘Bluesafe WHS Management System’.

This information document offers guidance for Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBUs) on creating safe working environments. Utilising safety-focused administrative resources, such as Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) like ‘Bluesafe SWMS’, can substantially aid in formulating appropriate responses and policies against domestic violence threats.

For more comprehensive advice and instructions, the information sheet titled “Family and Domestic Violence at Work” is available for inspection. Information about recent modifications to the Fair Work Act can be found on the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website. This way, everyone stays informed about the steps and protocols necessary for addressing domestic violence issues at work.

Original article link: https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/media-centre/news/updated-whs-information-family-and-domestic-violence-work

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