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If you’re on this page, chances are you’re either required to get on site somewhere or you haven’t had the time or patience, or even the first idea about writing your own Safe Work Method Statements. That’s quite ok, as most of our clients experience much the same challenge. Why not try purchasing a comprehensive BlueSafe Safe Work Method Statement Template. We have a range of SWMS templates available online.

Depending which state your business operates from will usually determine what title is given to the document you’re after. For example, if you live in Victoria, the main term used is called a Job Safety Analysis (JSA Abbreviated). If you’re in New South Wales, South Australia or Queensland the title used is commonly referred to now as a Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS Abbreviated) or a Work Method Statement. Essentially the working function of these documents are the same which is to assess the risk, implement effective control measures, and document the process. You’ll find that the layout to these documents are virtually the same in essence, it’s just that the title is changed depending on what your government body or jurisdiction has labeled the document.

If you’re in the trade game, you could be feeling quite frustrated form time to time with all the red tape and paperwork that has been thrust onto small business by the government departments. While Health and Safety is proven and known to bring down the National Workplace Incident Records and create a safer workplace for thousands of workers across the country, it has also been known to create a burden on business owners and managers who struggle to find or understand the best way to go about getting their workplace health and safety obligations sorted as effectively and as easily as possible. We’ve got a solution for this dilemma. It’s called a high quality Safe Work Method Statement Template.

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