Our Work in Every Industry

Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, trades and services or in the adventure sports and recreation business we’ve got a whole range of customised WHS Management System solutions for your business. Have a look below at some of our clients in a wide range of different industries. Everything from Policies and Procedures, Safe Work Method Statement Template Selections, Risk Management Plan Template Packages and more are all available right here.


Arboriculture is one of the main industries we service for WHS Management solutions including everything from Safe Work Method Statement Template packages right through to a complete OHS Management System. Here’s a few of our clients in this industry.

Building & Construction

Building and Construction is probably one of the most popular industries we service for Construction Site Safety simply due to the level of risk associated with this industry. We can provide a complete Safe Work Method Statement package solution and if you’re going for larger contracts you may even like to get a comprehensive WHS Management System. A few clients in this industry includes…

Engineering & Metal Fabrication

Engineering, Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication Workshops are another one of our main industry customers, as customers in this sector are usually aiming for Government Tenders or larger contracts with mining. Our main product offering here is usually a complete WHS Management System in order to help our clients get a uniformed WHS System implemented within the business. Everything from Site Safety Plans (also called a Safety Management Plan), Risk Management Plans and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are provided for these packages. Take a look at a few of our clients in this industry below.


Hospitality and Function Centres form a large portion of our clients. Everything from security, safe work procedures for commercial kitchens, cleaning procedures and manual handling all form part of a complete OHS Management System which we customise to suit your particular business or organisation. Some of our clients in the Hospitality industry include…

Real Estate

Real Estate, Property Services and Trade Services WHS Management System requirements can be quite broad depending on the activities your company conducts in your service offerings. Everything from Policies and Procedures, Safe Work Procedures, Safe Work Method Statements and more are provided and is added to your package after identifying exactly what your specific risks and company requirements are. A few of our clients include…

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning probably should have been included in Building and Construction Site Safety clients however we have so many customers in this area that we dedicated it’s own space to it, and our client service offerings in this area has grown rather rapidly due to the pressing needs in this industry. The same solutions are provided here, including everything from Air Conditioning Installation Safe Work Method Statement Templates, Construction Site Safety Plans and complete WHS Management System solutions which are customised to suit individual company needs. For example, some AC & Refrigeration customers require Electrical Safe Work Method Statement Templates, while others do not. We can customise any OHS Management System to suit your needs. Take a look at a few clients below.

Signage & Architectural Services

Signage and Architectural Services is another broad range of services which we provide quite a large amount of service to. These industries require a mixture of factory policies and procedures as well as Safe Work Method Statements and Site Safety Plans. Customised WHS Management System packages are by far the best value and the best kick start for anyone in this industry looking to get their WHS Management in place as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Smash Repairs & Mechanical Services

Smash Repairs and Vehicle Mechanical Services is another wide range of clients that we especially service. Our clients in this area are wide ranged and include everything from Smash Repairs, Towing, Auto Electrical, Mechanical and Diesel Services and Industrial Mechanical. Safe Work Procedures, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) as well as Policies and Procedures are a large portion of contents included in our WHS Management System solutions for this industry. A few of our many clients in this industry are listed below.

Timber Manufacturing

Cabinet Makers, Kitchen and Timber Manufacturing is most probably the second or third largest industry we service due to the variety of risks that are required to cover such as Safe Work Procedures for within the factory as well as Construction Site Safety requirements while out on site. In our complete OHS Management System solutions for Cabinet Making and Furniture Manufacturing we can customise a WHS System to include a selection of Safe Work Method Statement Templates, Site Safety Plans as well as Policies and Procedures.

Whatever Industry You’re In…

While we would like to include a list of every industry here, we hope you’ve gained a good idea or indication that it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, we’ve got a solution to suit your WHS requirements. Even if your business has a crossover of 2 or three different services this won’t hinder your ability to get your hands on a good WHS Management System. Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did. Every OHS Management System (also known as a WHS System) can be completely customised to suit your particular requirements. Here’s a few more clients from a few other random industries we service…

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