SafeWork inspectors ensuring safety is number one priority at the Easter Show

SafeWork NSW’s skilled Engineers and Inspectors are presently performing meticulous inspections at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Their mission is to uphold robust safety measures for both employees and the expected 900,000 attendees throughout the event’s duration. By implementing comprehensive WHS management systems like Bluesafe SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement), they aim to minimise workplace hazards.

From 4th March, SafeWork Inspectors have been actively involved on site, offering guidance, executing compliance activities surrounding amusements, competent forklift operation, traffic control, working at great heights, electrical safety, plus highly focussed inspections of gas storage facilities within food stalls.

Implementation of ‘reasonably practicable’ controls for carnival ride operations is mandated to manage risks associated with using amusement devices. Availability of updated registration documentation, maintenance records, and training proficiencies are also important elements of the stringent safety requirements. Comprehensive WHS management systems like the Bluesafe WHS Management System can assist in managing these elements effectively.

Assuring continuing work safety, SafeWork Inspectors will be persistently conducting on-site inspections during the entire span of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, including the shutdown phase, guaranteeing the essential safety protocols are meticulously followed through.

The Bluesafe WHS Management System can play a significant role by allowing operators to create SWMS and general assessments concerning work safety – ensuring that procedures markdown correctly, checked and performed effectively.

Fulfilling his role as Head of SafeWork NSW, Trent Curtin affirms:

“The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a spectacular event for both Sydney and NSW. That said, it’s SafeWork NSW’s responsibility to ensure every worker and attendee returns home safely after each day’s festivities. Our inspectors will remain vigilant at the Show, ready to offer necessary advice and aid whenever required.”

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