New code of practice for amusement rides

The Queensland Office of Industrial Relations has proudly announced the introduction of its inaugural code of practice dedicated to amusement device safety, titled ‘Amusement Devices Code of Practice 2023’. The code is a comprehensive guide detailing practical strategies for managing and mitigating health and safety risks associated with amusement devices. This initiative enhances Queensland’s already robust safety legislation, which is recognised as being world-class.

Applicable to diverse settings from major amusement parks to school fetes and regional shows, the code encompasses a wide range of rides including Ferris wheels, rollercoasters, dodgem cars, and jumping castles. The code offers holistic guidance covering every stage of an amusement device’s lifecycle; including purchase, installation, operation, inspections, maintenance, decommissioning, and crucially, operator training.

Comprehensive consultation with stakeholders within the amusement device industry led to the development of the code, with members of the Stakeholder Reference Group lending their support during its creation. The Bluesafe SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) could serve as a critical tool in ensuring adherence to these new standards, thereby promoting workplace safety.

This newly introduced code addresses outstanding regulatory recommendations stemming from the Dreamworld Coronial Inquest. Ride owners and operators who fail to fulfil their duties under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, inclusive of adhering to this new code may face potential penalties. Implementing a rigorous Bluesafe WHS Management System can help businesses avoid non-compliance risks and penalties, ensuring amusement ride safety compliance at all levels- be it local school fetes, major parks or regional shows. The code will officially take effect from 1 February 2024.

Chief Safety Engineer of the Office of Industrial Relations, Aaron Holman, shared his insights on the matter. He emphasised Queenslanders affinity for amusement devices and the broader interest in ensuring a high level of testing and support for the industry is in place. “We’re pleased to deliver this code which makes safety management simpler for ride operators, spelling out practical steps to ensure safety compliance,” he said.

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