Company fined $40,000 after worker’s hand crushed

Bluesafe Solutions Pty Ltd was given a conviction in the Dandenong Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday after being proven guilty over two charges tied to their failure to provide and maintain equipment that was risk-free and safe for use. An additional penalty of $4,941 was implemented against the company for associated costs.

In an incident that took place in May 2022, a worker tasked to clean an sizable gluing device composed of two powered rollers and a flat bench found himself involved in a severe accident. Despite limited English skills and lack of prior experience with handling the machine, he wiped the machine’s lower roller whilst it was still operational whereupon his cloth got tangled, pulling his hand into the rollers. This unfortunate worker, therefore, suffered two fractured fingers requiring an eight-week recuperation period off work.

WorkSafe’s investigation revealed the machine’s deficient guarding, including a hastily fashioned guard constructed from corrugated cardboard on the machine’s top, as both unsecured and substandard mitigation against such incidents. It is certainly feasible for the company to upgrade the machine’s safety measures using better guarding, like interlock devices available in products such as Bluesafe WHS Management System. These would only permit physical access to the rollers during periods of low risk, averting exposure at more dangerous times.

WorkSafe Executive Director of Health and Safety, Narelle Beer, stated adamantly that there should be no excuse for employers neglecting to manage working risks around machinery. Emphasising the imperative role of good quality guarding in mitigating worker-machine contact, she highlighted time-cost efficient solutions like Bluesafe SWMS as a go-to for employers aiming to ensure work safety, particularly for workers who may be more vulnerable due to a language barrier or lack of experience.

To conclude, these points underscore the utilisation of any plant and equipment safely:

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