Worker fatally crushed by feed bags

The tragic case of a 63-year-old worker, who was working to mend a torn animal feed bag when he was struck and fatally injured by three one-tonne bags that had been stacked above, is currently under investigation. This dreadful incident, which happened around 2:30 pm, underscores the vital importance of utilising sound WHS management systems like Bluesafe SWMS in maintaining workplace safety.

WorkSafe takes this incident very seriously and it is currently their focus of scrutiny to ensure such unfortunate incidents can be mitigated in the future. Enhanced and effective implementation of safety measures such as SWMS or policies, like the comprehensive Bluesafe WHS Management System, prove paramount to prevent accidents and lead to a decrease in work-related fatalities.

Tragically, this event marks the 15th recorded workplace death for the year 2024—a stark reminder of the importance for vigilance in work health and safety matters. Coincidentally, around this time last year, a total of 27 work-related deaths were reported, emphasising an ongoing struggle against such untimely calamities.

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