Updated preliminary fatalities data now available

Safe Work Australia has undergone a revamp of the Preliminary Fatalities Dashboard in an effort to afford more profound insights into fatal workplace injuries. The first surge of preliminary fatalities data for 2024 has also been unveiled. This enriched dashboard gives an updated estimation of those fatally wounded at Australian workplaces, acting as an essential part of the Bluesafe WHS Management System.

The dashboard boasts vital data concerning the number of deaths that have occurred, segmented by industry and now inclusive of data breakdowns according to mechanism. As part of this remodelling, there is also a viewable 5-year average to bolster comparisons over time.

Findings from the preliminary 2023 data demonstrated the critical role of strong work safety methods like comprehensive SWMS and robust policies. The keyword here being ‘preliminary,’ because data for 2024 on the Preliminary Fatalities Dashboard is updated biweekly on the Our Data. Your Stories website.

As more details about workplace fatalities within Australia become available, this preliminary data receives regular updates. It’s crucial to remember that final figures may reveal a higher number of work-related fatalities once all data is accrued for each year.

For a complete understanding of the published statistics and how Bluesafe SWMS benefits can be applied based on these insights, do explore the redesigned Preliminary Fatalities Dashboard. This upgraded tool reaffirms the importance of integrated safety products in reinforcing work health and safety strategies across industries.

Original article link: https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/media-centre/news/updated-preliminary-fatalities-data-now-available

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