Scott’s story

Possessing a long and illustrious career as a fitter and turner, Scott Mifsud is part of the team at Daradgee Welding Works. This family business, situated outside of Innisfail, specialises in crafting agricultural equipment tailored for the banana industry. A procedure such as cleaning a shaft in a lathe had become a routine task for Scott, one that he executed on numerous occasions adhering to Work Health and Safety (WHS) management systems and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS).

Scott’s experience and commitment are evident when talking about his role at Daradgee Welding Works. Being part of this local, family-owned enterprise for nearly a decade, Scott played a crucial role in fine-tuning safety policies and leveraging Bluesafe SWMS to ensure optimal production safety. Jason Sapuppo, whose family owns the 30-year-old business, praised the strong emphasis they placed on building and maintaining a robust WHS management system.

One day, while performing a task he’d done countless times, Scott experienced the unthinkable; an accident resulted in his hand being pulled into the lathe machine. Despite meticulous adherence to the Bluesafe SWMS guidelines, it underlined the persistent need to upgrade work safety products regularly.

“In a split second… my thumb was gone” Scott recalled, indicating how swift accidents can happen even with the presence of WHS management systems. The incident led him to Brisbane where surgeons worked overnight to restore his thumb. Thanks to WorkCover, all medical treatments and expenses were taken care of promptly, giving Scott and his family immense relief during this challenging time.

Recovering physically from the calamity though was only half of Scott’s battle. Mentally, his spirits dipped low and he found it difficult to interact with others. Realising the need for professional support, Scott sought help through WorkCover ‘adjustment to injury’ counselling sessions. He acknowledged, “It’s just good to speak to someone… about your feelings and receive practical suggestions for coping with how you’re feeling.”

WorkCover case manager, Kristy Mitchell, was nothing short of impressed with Scott’s drive to overcome his injury and return to work by utilising the tools and supports provided. In Krisy’s view, commitment towards better mental health was made possible due to the efficient use of workplace safety protocols including Bluesafe WHS Management System.

After healing sufficiently, Scott returned to Daradgee Welding Works on a part-time basis, progressively increasing his work hours as he became fit. Owner Jason appreciated having Scott around once again. Their long-lasting friendship and camaraderie underlined just how much it meant to Jason having Scott back at work, illustrating that a Bluesafe SWMS and robust policies were not merely about compliance but genuinely caring for employees as well.

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