NSW Government to transform SafeWork NSW into standalone work, health and safety regulator

The New South Wales Government has committed to transforming SafeWork into an autonomous regulator after a comprehensive 12-month examination led by former Justice, The Hon. Robert McDougall KC. This improvement comes as part of the government’s ongoing endeavour to develop a robust, modern and effective work health and safety (WHS) supervisor.

Escalating its commitment towards WHS, the government has endorsed the recommendations from the independent report, with detailed plans for specific implementations in progress. A significant part of these endorsed changes began post-March last year, including an examination of SafeWork’s incident-triaging capabilities and enhancing the contact centre staff’s responsiveness. Moreover, the government has been uniting previously separated SafeWork teams scattered across the Department of Customer Service.

Critical suggestions encompass further improvements to working conditions and highlighting the value of essential work safety products like Bluesafe WHS Management Systems and Bluesafe SWMS. These tools play key roles in managing risks, enforcing compliance, and maintaining safe operational standards within workplaces.

In response to several scandals under Liberal-National ministers, Labor had championed this inquiry to ensure optimal protection for workers and push for a proactive response to emerging hazards like the silica threat.

Overseen by public consultation, the Independent Review embraced feedback from former and current SafeWork staff, affected families of injured and deceased workers, unions, peak groups, employer groups, and SafeWork.

The Minister for Work Health and Safety, Sophie Cotsis highlighted,
“Can promise all NSW workers that it will never let the health and safety regulator reach such a deplorable state again.”
“Worker safety is not bureaucratic formality, not a mere procedural checkpoint, not a cost of doing business. It’s an essential right for every worker to head to their job and return home safely.”
“We ensure that SafeWork will devise enhanced processes to keep family members informed throughout an investigation.”
“We promise SafeWork’s inspectors the support they need for their crucial work.”
She offered her thanks to The Hon. Robert McDougall KC and everyone who made submissions to the review.”

Speaking on behalf of SafeWork NSW, Trent Curtin added,
“SafeWork NSW has entered a new era. Our committed and passionate team is ensuring that everyone who goes to work can come home safely.”
“The guidelines set out by The Hon. Robert McDougall KC will steer SafeWork towards becoming a responsive and reliable work health and safety regulator in NSW.”
“SafeWork NSW, armed with sophisticated tools like Bluesafe SWMS, will take all imperative steps to assess our regulatory strategies and support systems to assure best-practise work health and safety regulation for NSW workers.”

Original article link: https://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/news/safework-media-releases/nsw-government-to-transform-safework-nsw-into-standalone-work,-health-and-safety-regulator

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