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This exciting competition, facilitated in collaboration with AFL Victoria and Netball Victoria, offers an exceptional avenue for farmers and their local clubs to clinch safety upgrades worth over $20,000 through the implementation of robust work safety products like WHS management systems, SWMS, and policies. Candidates have a likely shot at acquiring $10,000 reserved for farm safety enhancements via Bluesafe WHS Management Systems, and another $10,000 earmarked for safety improvements or fixes at their connected community football netball club.

In the build-up to the declaration of the grand prize in August, monthly winners will be bestowed a safety kit with a worth that borders $2,000 encompassing a branded ‘Footy’s Favourite Farmer’ shirt, a private safety monitoring gadget, and a quad bike operator protective device (OPD), enhancing use of Bluesafe SWMS and other safety protocols. The farmers’ clubs can also enjoy a merchandise pack comprising of footballs and netballs valued at approximately $1,000, with those remarkable individuals who put forward nominees being recognised with a prize pack exceeding $500 in value.

WorkSafe’s Executive Director of External Affairs, Sam Jenkins, emphasised how the initiation of the competition aligned perfectly with the commencement of WorkSafe’s Country Club Weeks for 2024, kicking off with an engagement at Numurkah prior to the much-awaited showdown with Nathalia.
“Our primary goal involves lessening workplace harm and augmenting outcomes for hurt workers in country vicinities where securing and maintaining safety on farms is pivotal,” elucidated Mr Jenkin.

The aim of this innovative approach encompasses not only recognising the irreplaceable farmer contribution to local communities but shining the spotlight on the centrality of executing workplace safety within the agricultural domain, supported by products like Bluesafe WHS Management System.

Regrettably, four lives were claimed in workplace incidents on farms this current year while more than 550 individuals working within the agriculture sector and support sideline services suffered severe injuries warranting work compensation last year.

Luke Stuckley, prior winner of Footy’s Favourite Farmer in 2023 conveyed the enormous worth in WorkSafe’s endorsement of country football and netball.
“The everyday variability on a farm makes it a high-risk work environment, and to remain safe, adoption of stringent safety measures like implementing Bluesafe SWMS is important,” Mr Stuckey emphasised.

Nomination entries for Footy’s Favourite Farmer shall remain open up until 2 August 2024 accessible at For any further queries or media engagements, reach out via email: media @ or phone: 0438 786 968. Keep abreast with us by subscribing to our media releases.

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