Latest report comparing workers’ compensation arrangements in Australia and New Zealand

The freshly released ‘Workers’ Compensation Arrangements in Australia and New Zealand 2023′ comparative report is now available for consumption.
Published every two years, this valuable document delivers insights into how workers’ compensation agreements function across various jurisdictions within Australia and New Zealand.
The report shines a spotlight on the distinct aspects that set apart Australian and New Zealand workers’ compensation schemes. Key characteristics such as the ‘Bluesafe SWMS‘ (Safe Work Method Statements) are deciphered within the content. Further, it elucidates the crucial role played by comprehensive WHS management systems, like the Bluesafe WHS Management System, in nurturing an environment of workplace safety and wellbeing.

This report serves as an exemplary reminder of the necessity to employ sound work safety products in weaving robust policies that strengthen occupational welfare provisions.

To delve deeper into the comparison indicators and findings, please visit the Safe Work Australia website to access the full report.

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