Joint WHSQ and Department of Environment, Science and Innovation investigation into asbestos in mulch

The Queensland’s Workplace Health and Safety body has sprung into action to guarantee the safety of its denizens, deploying effective resources such as Bluesafe SWMS and WHS management systems. A diligent audit program aimed at businesses in Queensland that produce and provide mulch identified trace amounts of asbestos within a stockpile located at NuGrow, a company based in Ipswich.

Upon this discovery, WHSQ Inspectors rightfully leveraged their authority by halting any further distribution from the tainted heap via issuance of a notice, demonstrating the value of well-enforced work safety policies. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is currently collaborating with NuGrow and other companies potentially affected by these materials to manage the situation.

In the process of inquiry carried out thus far, it seems probable that certain businesses may have obtained possibly contaminated soil products between the 2nd and 26th of February 2024. Nevertheless, not all these businesses have been confirmed to have received the contaminated soil. In a move characterised by caution and a commitment to public awareness, the list of potentially affected businesses is provided below:

Initially, around 25 entities were believed to have procured soil products from NuGrow but subsequent enquiries have narrowed this down to just 16 businesses. We’ve also discovered several public interest locations where the soil may have been supplied. The list of potential sites will continuously be updated as our investigation progresses through the supply chain.

If you’ve bought soil product from any of the listed businesses since February 2nd, 2024, and you suspect that it might have originated from NuGrow, we strongly advise against disturbing the product. Instead, please reach out to the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation at 1300 130 372 – you can press 2 immediately to speak with an operator for additional information and guidance regarding your concerns.

For the public’s convenience, detailed information on asbestos management, including adequate control measures for working with asbestos as prescribed by the Bluesafe WHS Management System, can be sourced from the Queensland Government Asbestos webpage. Please direct all media inquiries to

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