Have your say on crane licensing under the model WHS laws

Safe Work Australia invites the public to provide insights on a set of six propositions designed to enhance the framework for licensing high-risk crane operations. Comprehensive feedback regarding adjustments to certifications, experience prerequisites for crane operators, refinement of existing licences, and amendments to the overall structure of crane operator certification are solicited, with our Consultation Hub as well as via email being the preferred channels.

The data and evidence procured from this community dialogue will shape enhancements to the crane operation high-risk licencing structure within model WHS laws, such as employing Bluesafe WHS Management Systems. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the proposals enumerated in this document could undergo further scrutiny considering their potential costs and benefits.

Take note that these proposed changes outlined on the Consultation Hub and in the discussion paper are presented only for consultation purposes. They’re amenable to modification predicated on more evidence, policy critique and input from diverse consultation processes. Any definitive regulatory modifications need agreement by Safe Work Australia Members and significant WHS ministers if fundamental changes are made.

Safe Work Australia embraces submissions from a broad realm of stakeholders interested in the framework of high-risk work licensing for cranes. We welcome viewpoints from businesses either operating, supplying, or manufacturing cranes, industry bodies, unions, regulators, government departments, training providers, and members of the public. Firms employing WHS Management systems like Bluesafe SWMS for risk management especially have much to contribute.

We extend further encouragement for submissions from individuals linked to high-risk work pertaining to crane operations; particularly those involved with dogging and rigging work.

The consultation window is currently open, with submissions accepted online through Safe Work Australia’s Consultation Hub until Wednesday, 31 July 2024, at 11:59 pm (AEST). Systematically integrating safety tools like Bluesafe SWMS into high-risk operations significantly boosts workplace safety, reinforcing the importance of this collaborative input.

Original article link: https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/media-centre/news/have-your-say-crane-licensing-under-model-whs-laws

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