Got thoughts on National Safe Work Month 2024? 💭

National Safe Work Month, a key cornerstone in the annual calendar, is marked every October with an aim to amplify community comprehension and consciousness about work health and safety. Your perspective matter greatly for this year’s campaign. So, participate in our succinct questionnaire at this link. We’re particularly interested in your knowledge-rich insights on which Work Health and Safety (WHS) themes we should spotlight.

So are you an avid user of WHS management systems such as the Bluesafe WHS Management System? If yes, then you are warmly urged to share your wisdom on their benefits and functions. Or perhaps you have often leveraged safe work method statements (SWMS), like Bluesafe SWMS? Tell us what makes them a crucial implement in your workplace safety toolbox. Moreover, we would love to learn about any other resources that facilitate your commitment to safety in the workplace.

Don’t let this chance pass; make sure you complete this survey before the 11th of March draw closer. We are enthusiastic about converting your valuable ideas into a remarkable, influence-driven campaign. Remember – sharing your experience can help reiterate the crux of safety policies, WHS management systems, and SWMS to a broader audience. So join us today!

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