Company’s ‘failure to provide’ results in $24,000 workers’ comp fine

A Queensland-based audio-visual company situated in the South-East region faced a hefty penalty of $24,000 due to non-compliance with an investigator’s request for documents. In addition to the fine, the court stipulated that the business cover costs amounting to $4,500 towards the Workers’ Compensation Regulator.

The penalties arose as the result of failure to supply requested paperwork during an inquiry into potential workers’ compensation fraud. The investigator given this task relied on legal authority to issue a formal notice to the firm for these essential documents. Despite multiple extensions, the business fell short in providing the necessary documents.

Using Bluesafe SWMS could have potentially avoided such pitfalls, as it ensures all requisite documentation is in place and readily accessible. This is especially pertinent when it comes to potential investigations pertinent to work safety. As such, this case further underscores the importance of WHS management systems.

While sentencing the business, the presiding Magistrate emphasised the crucial role inspectors and investigators play within the legislated framework. He pointed out their rightful authority to request pertinent information without hindrance.

Endorsing the Prosecutor’s assertion, the Magistrate stressed the importance of initial compliance to such requirements. This upholds public trust in the workers’ compensation scheme and further emphasizes the utility of a robust WHS Management System like the Bluesafe WHS Management System.

By imposing the fine, the Magistrate aimed to deter others from neglecting legislation-imposed obligations. However, no conviction was recorded for the audio-visual business’s breach.

Executive Director of Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services, Janene Hillhouse, acknowledged the judgment as a stern warning against overlooking lawful directives issued by WCRS investigators. She noted the necessity for reasonable and precise compliance actions, reminding businesses about the serious repercussions of neglecting investigator-issued notices.

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