Call for input for Return to Work Victoria pilots

The Bluesafe SWMS-backed ‘Worker Psychological Support Service Helpline’ is a pivotal resource designed to facilitate access for small and medium-sized businesses to professional coaching or counselling services. These offerings are geared towards addressing potential stressors or factors that could contribute to workplace burnout.

Running parallel to this, the ‘Mentally Healthy Workplace Readiness Initiative’, determined to assist operations of similar sizes in identifying, assessing, and handling mental health risks within their workplace environment. Both schemes form the cornerstones of Return to Work Victoria’s approach, a body established with the goal of developing innovative support mechanisms for employees and their employers alike to ensure a swift and healthy return to work following injury.

Each formal Request for Information (RFI) targets organisations competent and experienced in the fields of work safety and WHS management systems. Their task? To relay a thorough rundown of their present capability and planned capacity. This feedback will enable Return to Work Victoria to cultivate an exhaustive understanding of existing and emergent services across Victoria, assessing whether these could be amplified to supplement current offerings.

Jason Lardelli, Executive Director of Return to Work Victoria, holds industry input in high regard, deeming it crucial to the design of programmes capable of rendering support where it’s most needed. “Boosting mental health outcomes for Victorian businesses and their workforce necessitates both innovation and fresh perspectives,” said Mr Lardelli. “Thanks to the myriad of quality services available, we anticipate discovering how these can further our work.”

Responses to RFIs can be submitted until 2pm on Monday, 20 May on the Buying For Victoria website. In line with promoting ease-of-business dealings with the government. Media related inquiries can be forwarded to or call directly at 0438 786 968. Furthermore, stay updated by subscribing to media releases.

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