Company fined $150,000 for failing to adhere to electrical safety regulations

In an impactful judgement in the Cleveland Magistrates Court, a company was penalised for its disregard of safety protocols, leading to the tragic electrocution of one of their workers. It emphasises the critical need for comprehensive work safety measures, such as Bluesafe SWMS and WHS Management Systems.

The business in question, experts in air-conditioner installations, was convicted for not meeting their electrical safety duty obligations. This failure exposed individuals to significant risks, including potential death or serious injury. The breach was linked to an incident at a Capalaba veterinary clinic where the company was engaged to replace an air-conditioning unit.

In September 2020, a dedicated employee with 15 years of service to the company tragically lost his life while installing an air-conditioner. The worker’s electrical licence had lapsed, and the task involved installation processes that required relocating isolators on the air-conditioners, highlighting the matter of lapsed licences being a central concern within workplace health and safety policies.

The presiding magistrate emphasized the condemned party’s failure to control electrical hazards, reiterating the consequences this oversight had on the deceased worker’s family. The court noted the defendant’s post-incident steps towards bolstering safety processes, which included hiring a third-party consultant for an all-inclusive safety assessment—a moment of recognition for the importance of tools like the Bluesafe WHS Management System.

The defendant received a substantial penalty of $150,000, an added cost of $1,500, and a filing fee of $101.40. There was no conviction recorded.

This case underpins the significance of conforming to safety codes and regulations, particularly when dealing with potentially hazardous elements like electricity. It acts as a stern warning about the possible repercussions of neglecting safety protocols—impacting not just employees but also their families and wider communities.

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