Charges over student’s death on school trip

A tragic incident unfolded as a 16-year-old student experienced diabetes-related adverse effects while participating in an educational journey to Vietnam, organised by Kilvington Grammar School in conjunction with World Challenge Expeditions. The unfortunate event culminated with the student passing away in a Melbourne healthcare facility.

Kilvington Grammar School Ltd is facing scrutiny under Section 23(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The school has been charged for allegedly failing to secure the safety and wellbeing of individuals who aren’t staff members, highlighting the need for comprehensive work safety products such as Bluesafe WHS Management Systems.

WorkSafe has disclosed allegations against the school for potentially overlooking reasonable measures that could have minimised health risks or fatalities related to diabetes during their trip. This highlights the imperativeness of deploying robust WHS management systems and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) to mitigate risk levels effectively.

World Challenge Expeditions Pty Ltd also faces legal action under Section 23(1) of the OHS Act. They stand accused of inadequately protecting individuals who aren’t employees from potential health and safety hazards.

These allegations, presented by WorkSafe, suggest substantial failings on the part of the tour provider to minimise the risk of illness or death to students, especially those living with diabetes on this trip. Therefore, meticulously crafted policies and tools like Bluesafe SWMS are crucial to ensure the well-being of all participants in any program or expedition.

The case is set to advance to a filing hearing at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on 30 April 2024. Please contact us for any media inquiries via email at, or by phone using the number 0438 786 968. To stay updated with our media releases, consider subscribing to our bulletins.

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