Benefits of Our Customized WHS Packages

There are few ways to get an OHS Management System in place.

There are basically 3 options. Here they are:

1. Create a WHS Management System

This can be a very time consuming task. If you know what you’re doing and feel you can cover this quite easily then it may save your hip-pocket a little bit of an outlay, however you’ll find the amount of time it takes to research the common hazards and risks in your workplace, write the required policies and procedures, create the safe work procedures or safe work method statements that are needed, and then create all the forms required for recording could leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and disillusioned by the time you’ve finished.

Actually by the time you finished creating your OHS Management System you could have spent the weekends camping with the family or attending your child’s football or soccer finals.

2. Hire a Consultant

This is the most common approach for a larger company. This is probably the most ideal approach if you have a spare 10-20k in your budget to create the perfect WHS System for your business. Larger companies have a larger budget and can employ someone specifically to take care of creating, monitoring and updating their OHS Systems on a consistent basis. However, if you’re a small to medium business operator, you may not have this type of budget to allocate directly to getting your WHS Management System in place.

Even still, meeting your WHS obligations doesn’t have to be an expensive or a complicated process, and there is another solution which is….

3. Purchase a BlueSafe Safety Management System

Not that we’re biased (actually we are), implementing a BlueSafe OHS Management System is by far the best option if you want value, as well as quality. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process of difficult and complicated thinking to get an effective WHS Management System implemented within your business.

Quite the contrary….it’s actually better to have a system implemented into your business that works, than having a big wad of complicated and sophisticated paperwork sitting on your bookshelf that isn’t implemented (it sure would look impressive though).

What’s different about a BlueSafe WHS Management System?

Quite simply put, our OHS Management Systems (WHS Management Systems) are industry specific and are written in accordance with a number of guidelines according to AS 4801. We also craft every WHS System to suit each individual industry, and customise it specifically according to your business risks. Be wary of a company that provides a basic template package that is not adjusted to suit your particular business. What they sell to a Mechanic, they sell the exact same thing to a Cabinet Maker the very next day. This isn’t good value or service, and you’ll want to make sure that your package is also suitable to your industry.

Templates can be good, however you want to ensure that you are not left trying to implement an ohs system that is a headache to get into place and manage.

To learn more about our WHS packages, you can read more here.

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