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Right now would be the ideal time to get up to speed with the new [xyz-ihs snippet=”CurrentYear”] Safety Legislation
With a completely comprehensive [xyz-ihs snippet=”CurrentYear”] WHS Harmonisation Package for DAY SPA business operators we’ll help get you up to speed with the Harmonisation Legislation. The package has been updated to meet the new legislative requirements, includes customisation with your logo and details placed right throughout the documents and comes in electronic word format which is fully editable, enabling you to make changes and print as needed.
The package is organised into 3 main parts for easy integration into your business:
  1. Policy and Procedures Manual
  2. WHS Diary
  3. Safe Work Method Statement Package

Below is a detailed list of everything the comprehensive package includes. (Over 200 Pages with customisations included)

The Policy and Procedures
Manual Covers:

+ Management of WHS Risks
+ Risk Management Control Measures
+ General Tools and Equipment
+ Drugs and Alcohol
+ Mobile Phones
+ Using Company Vehicles
+ Using Private Vehicles
+ Internet and Email Use
+ Emergency Procedures
+ First Aid Procedures
+ First Aid Kit Checklist
+ Hazardous Substances
+ Rehabilitation
+ Personal Protective Equipment
+ Work at Heights
+ Social Functions
+ Slips Trips and Falls
+ Sun Protection
+ Managing Workplace Conflict
+ Workplace Hazard Identification
+ Incident Reporting
+ Manual Handling & Haz Manual Tasks
+ Management of Noise
+ Fatigue Management
+ Company and Personnel Privacy
+ Smoking
The WHS Diary Manual
Forms & Checklists Covers:

+ Incident Reports
+ First Aid Forms
+ Fire Fighting Equipment
+ Medical Records
+ Vehicle Inspections
+ Evacuation Drills
+ Tools & Equipment
+ Workplace Audit Reports and More…
24 Safe Work Method Statements
Pack Includes:

+ Chemical Handling and Use
+ Chemical Spills and Leaks
+ Cleaning Chemicals
+ Flammable Liquids
+ Hand Tools
+ Manual Handling
+ Office Equipment
+ Sharps Handling and Disposal
+ Spills and Leaks Clean Up
+ Steriliser
+ Stock Trolley
+ Storage and Stacking of Materials

Note: The Safe Work Procedures above may be exchanged for others if there is equipment listed which your company does not use.

 Building Contractors
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WHS Promotion Incentive Package

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