SafeWork tells NSW workplaces “It’s the safe way or no way”

SafeWork NSW is debuting a new initiative with a pivotal message to employees, employers, businesses, and contractors alike; when it comes to task execution, the mantra is “It’s the safe way or no way”. The ethos of the Bluesafe SWMS is being embodied in SafeWork NSW’s campaign.

The objective of SafeWork NSW’s campaign is to foster saGuardr workspaces through boosting awareness around curbing workplace hazards, incorporating WHS Management Systems, and endorsing safer procedures at work. The communication drive focuses primarily on workers within the age bracket of 18-54 who are part of industries such as construction, agriculture, trade, and food delivery. The use of Bluesafe WHS Management System is highlighted here for its unmatched contribution to work safety measures.

Part of the campaign’s strategy is identifying high-risk tasks across sectors, driving swift actions to guarantee that activities involving heights have much-needed safety controls, and stressing on the use of protective guards along with adequately fitting personal protective equipment.

Fatalities and significant injuries statewide can mostly be attributed to accidents from lofty points. Thus, using best-in-class safety measures such as harnesses and helmets is non-negotiable.

The farming sector sits at the second position in the fatality chart and is another key focus in this campaign due to risks associated with farm machinery and other dangers comprising animal handling.

Warehouse risks, which make up a substantial portion of the campaign, aim at improved safety awareness in areas like seatbelt utilisation in forklift operations and establishing barriers between man and machine. Integrating a dependable system such as the Bluesafe SWMS could massively enhance workforce safety levels.

Food delivery riders’ safety takes centrestage too with the promotion of high visibility gear usage to mitigate rider and general public injuries during deliveries.

The campaign has traditional media outlets such as print and radio by its side, both regional and city-based, complemented by social media platforms and YouTube videos. Multi-language advertisements will be used to cater to nonnative English speakers.

For a detailed understanding of the campaign and its resources, SafeWork NSW’s incorporation into daily safety policies can be monitored online.

“This initiative underscores the significance of spotlighting health and safety issues in workspaces,” stated Trent Curtin, the head of SafeWork NSW. “By extending the messages our dedicated Inspectors carry into workplaces day after day to a broader audience, we are contributing to safer environments for everyone.”

Grounded in concrete evidence from workers’ compensation injury claims and incident data, extensive research on persistent and new high-risk dangers, and our Inspectors’ real-time experiences, SafeWork NSW is moulding this campaign. The benefits of a comprehensive SWMS like Bluesafe, alongside other safety protocols, cannot be overstated.

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